Saving Face Documentary


Matt Kern was an All-American teen living in Miami Dade
County through the age of 15, but then things began to turn
bad... very bad! Before the year was over, he was in Youth
Hall. Within two more years he was in an adult prison with
1100 inmates looking at a 60 year sentence.

His encounter with Scripture and the Gospel message 6 years
into his sentence began "like Lazarus, the impossible return."

Official Selection - Ft Lauderdale International Film Festival

The documentary of "Saving Face" featured "as a World Premier" at the 2008 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.
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"Saving Face" is a criminal investigation documentary about one of the most fascinating cases in Miami-Dade history. In the late 1980s, a 15-year-old troublemaker named Matt Kern was arrested as an accessory in a robbery-turned-murder of an 18-year-old. He was sentenced to 60 years in prison. There, despite the threats of abuse and sodomy on a daily basis, he rose to become a bookie and drug dealer, the kingpin of the jail. Equally amazing as his industrious ascent in the prison underworld is his subsequent embrace of the Bible, following a period in solitary confinement. His life-changing conversion to Christianity leads to the possibility for clemency. Told with moving family interviews and occasional re-enactments (bringing to mind a lower-budget "Thin Blue Line")," Saving Face" is a testament to the healing power of faith and, most significantly, an indictment of a heartless prison system that doesn't provide the opportunity for constructive change -- which is why Matt's story is such a noteworthy anomaly.

--- Sun Sentinel, October 16, 2008



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